What’s Next For Space Station Tycoon?

Hello everyone! We hope you are safe and healthy in these challenging times.

As you probably know by now, Space Station Tycoon is finally released as early-access on Steam. Following its release, we have received many questions about the game’s future and its roadmap. So in this quick article, I would like to briefly explain it.

Our next big update will be the 0.2 update. We are more than excited for this one since it will introduce a lot of micro-management aspects to the game. Such as an employee system. You will be able to recruit staff members, assign them to buildings depending on their buffs and debuffs, train them, and keep them happy for maximum efficiency. We will also add a brand new mechanic called “policies”. These are some major decisions that help you better control your station. For example, you can enable a policy called “Disable The Cameras” to lower your security levels so that you can attract more smugglers without removing your defensive buildings. That’s not all either. We’ll also be adding a new mechanic called “mission events”. These are like mini-storylines that have different endings. I don’t really want to spoil too much since this update is just around the corner.

What the community wants will shape our 0.3 update. This is also the update when we start implementing new languages, starting with German, Russian and Turkish. This update will mainly focus on adding more content to the already-existing mechanics.

You have to wait just a little longer to learn about our other upcoming updates like 0.4 and 0.5. 

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our little passion project. Your feedback really helped us shape our roadmap. If you would like to join the discussion and ask us some direct questions, please do so by joining our official Discord.

Until next time, stay safe and take care.