Devlog #8 – Factions, Drones, and Planets!

Buckle up everyone, this is going to be a big devlog! We’ve got a lot of new systems up and running and they are beautiful. Here’s what has changed in Space Station Tycoon since the last devlog.

New Buildings

Advanced Solar Panel

This new roof module is basically a regular solar panel on steroids. It generates huge amounts of energy and has a decent upkeep cost. You need to research quite a bit of stuff to unlock this awesome module though.


One of the most fun buildings in Space Station Tycoon, and probably one of the hardest to get. You can unlock most of the locked buildings by researching the necesarry subjects, but the arcade cannot be unlocked by researches. You have find a merchant that sells a blueprint for the arcade, and then prototype the blueprint to permanently unlock this building. Fun.

Broadcast Tower

Want to spend less money on marketing and still get a lot of customers? The broadcast tower is just for you. This new building boosts the signal range of your space station, making your marketing efforts more efficient.

Storage Cells

The storage cells building does exactly what the name suggests; it increases the storage capacity of your space station.

New Station Model

We have changed the base station model once again and this is how it looks now:


Here’s a first look at the brand new factions tab.

Every mission you complete, every decision you make affects your relationship with these galactic powers. If your relationship goes over certain levels with a faction, you’ll get exclusive perks and buffs from them. You’ll also get negative buffs if your relationship levels go belove certain levels.

The game will feature 4 factions on launch. 2 new factions will be released later as a free update.

The Federation: Wants to bring order and peace to the whole galaxy. They value human life and freedom over anything.

P.O.T.O.: Does everything it can to preserve any organic life in the galaxy.

New Asia United: A union of merchants. Free and equal market is what they protect.

Serpents: True rebels. They won’t hesitate to spill some blood to achieve their goals.


We added drones to the game! You can now buy procedurally generated drone blueprints, craft them, and send them to various missions to gather materials. Here are some renders of the drones we created so far:

This new mechanic is still WIP. We’ll share more info about it soon.

System Map

The game now has a complete system map with lots of unique planets. Each planet has different lore and attributes. You can send your drones to these planets to gather resources. We’ll implement more ways to engage with the star system later.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for checking out this devlog. Stay tuned for the next one!

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