Devlog #7 – New buildings and UI changes

Hello, and welcome to another Space Station Tycoon devlog. We’ve got a lot of stuff to share with you!

3D Model Reworks

We think that the old low-poly style doesn’t suit our new style well. That’s why we started changing some really low-poly looking models with ones. We will show more graphical changes in the future.

The base station
New quantum reactor with VFX

Massive UI Overhaul

Much cleaner HUD
New finances panel with much more information directly available
The new overview panel [WIP]

As you can see, the new UI is much more compact and easy on the eyes. Space Station Tycoon has gone many UI overhauls in the past but we think that this will be the final design for a while.

New Buildings

Research Lab

The research lab is an early-game building that generates research points. You can use these research points to unlock perks and new buildings.

Organic Park

This new building allows customers to breathe in some fresh air. The organic park is a non-profit building but it has a huge impact on the satisfaction levels of your customers.

Fleet Dock

The fleet dock allows groups of ships to land at once. It is particularly good for some VIP customers since they usually prefer to be escorted by 1 or 2 security ships.

Shield Generator

The shield generator adds a whole new shielding mechanic to the game. Each shield generator will protect up to 4 buildings you choose in an emergency. The shielded buildings are by no means invulnerable, but they are more likely not to get destroyed.

Medical Center

The medical center sends off its rescue ship to help people in distress and makes some money by doing so.

Wishlist on Steam!

Thank you so much for reading this devlog. If you want to further support our game, please don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam.

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  1. Excellent! I liked all improvements and I’m very impressed by this game. I think this game is very unusual.

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