Devlog #4 – Improvements and new content + Discord!

Hello, and welcome to another devlog of Space Station Station. This devlog will be particularly short since we are still working on some new systems that are too ugly to display at the moment.

This week we focused on both graphical and technical sides of the game. We also planned some new content which was not planned. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on.

Holograms everywhere!

Even though the game is set in a sci-fi theme, it was missing one of the best things the genre has to offer; holograms! That’s why we finally created some hologram shaders for both 2D (UI) and 3D aspects of the game.

These new hologram materials replaced our old emissive materials and therefore added a far better sci-fi feeling to the game.

UI Improvements

We gave our UI yet another remake. This time we aimed for a more clean and serious look. Here’s a look at the new finance panel:

Company News

We added a news system for the companies in the game. These news will give hints about how a company’s stocks will change. They are not always going to affect the company as predicted, but you can hire agents to get detailed info on them. These agents will give predictions on how the selected news could affect the company’s stocks.

New Content on the Way!

We are currently working on lots of new stuff which we still can’t show at the moment. We hope to introduce our upcoming intergalactic trading and pirate updates in the upcoming devlogs. And yes, you read it right, we are adding pirates to the game! Which will introduce a brand new security and defense system to the game. Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine in the year 3000.

Thank you so much for reading this episode of our devlog. Please don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam!

Our Discord server is still incomplete but you can join now to help us make it better!