Devlog #3 – Huge changes

As we’re coming to the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we’re continuing to add more stuff to the game. The last few weeks have been very productive for us as we have added many more features and nearly finished a complete graphic overhaul.

The entire rendering system was swapped with a superior one that supports anti-aliasing and better lighting. This was quite a challenge for the team but we really think it will be worth the hustle

Furthermore, the entire UI has gone through an overhaul (more shaders and better blur effects are being worked on).

The space station and the corridor models have also been replaced, these will be customizable in the future.

We also completely redesigned customer ships. All of the customers are still procedurally generated with a total of over 10.000 possible spaceships.

Since the old building system was too mechanic, it has been swapped with our new building placement system that lets you see a preview of the buildings before building them.

We’re unable to show you this new system for the time being but please stay tuned for the next devlog!

Most importantly, the stock market system has been added to the game which lets the player buy/sell stocks of different companies. This includes rival companies that compete in the same market.

Invest smartly and choose your side! The more offers you accept from a single company the better your relationship with the company becomes and as much worse with the rival companies. This lets you get better paying offers from this company and fill your billboards

And finally, our Steam store page is live! Please check it out and wishlist the game. Each and every wishlist improves our chances to get featured!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to keep you updated with more content on the way!

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  1. Great update! I’m not a game developer but it feels like you guys are making a ton of progress over such a short period of time. Keep up the momentum and please send more updates soon! Really enjoying seeing the progress and detail on new stuff.

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